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    December 28, 2012
    4:30 - 5:00am EST  

you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >> lawmakers played the blame game when it comes to the physical cas cliff mess and americans are doing the same. who they believe -- fiscal cliff mess and americans are doing the same. who they believe is to blame. a local port could have a impact on the economy. >> they take on the bengals on sunday but today you can get your hands on rains playoff -- ravens playoff game tickets. we will give you details you need on this friday i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. big story not only the ravens playing in cincinnati but weather in baltimore. >> a lot of people will be traveling on the road so we will find out what to expect
but first let's go over to mike masco to see what to look out for. >> we have snow coming our way. into the 30s 40 up towards the north and west. right around the freezing mark and a northwesterly wind feeling like it's into the 20s in many locations. looing at bel air feeling likeit's 24. cecil county a winter weather advisory that will be expanded into the sit ye. -- city. we will talk about the storm and break into snow totals but first traffic maps to see what's going on the roads. lauren cook is the gal to do it. >> reporter: i will be with you tomorrow as well. >> oh man we are all here. >> reporter: 95 nice and clear just 14 minutes to travel from the beltway into the city. and 695 in great shape. no problem from parkville to towson and looking live outside
here the west side of the beltway also going to be free of delays. no problems from liberty road to route 40 and up in hunt valley 83 no concerns therefrom shawan to the beltway. now over to you. 4 chn 32 the president and 34e78s of -- members of senate return to capitol hill continue to work on a deal. four days before the december 31st deadline. charley is monitoring the situation with more on what's happening today. are they any closer to a deal. >> simply put, no. senate democrats are accusing john boehner of running a dictatorship. a polling shows that many americans are placing the blame if the deal is not done. that poll is done by reuters and find among the sing elf groups blamed 27% -- single group blamed 27% say republicans 16% say the president and 6% hold congressional democrats responsible. the largest number polled
respondents 31% say both sidesfor nome coming up in a compromise and as a result those who spoke out yesterday are less optimistic about a deal being reached. >>i don't know time wise how it can happen now. >> here we go once again at the end of the year staring at crisis we should have dealt with months ago. >> senate majority leader says a deal is not likely the house is ready to act on anything past in the u.s. senate. boehner called house members back for an emergency vote sunday. but with the two sides at an impasse, over tax increases the vote will likely be ceremony and coming up this morning at 5:30, we are going to look at newunless released from towson --numbers released from towson to let you know how it will affect you. some numbers are alarming and we have stories posted at and go there for more on the congressional
debate and its possible impact. >> thanks. there is one way to save money if congress doesn't resolve the fiscal cliff. fill out the application for the homestead tax credit a half million maryland home own verse not filled out -- homeowners have not filled out the form. yo no -- you no longer get the credit automatically. you have to fill out the application to cut out the fraud. >> we have been a homeowner for 30 years so i wantmy money. >> everybody has 2 amcation --applications mailed to their home. >> you must have be application post marched by december 31st. go to our website for more information. put the harps back in the closet the words from former president george h.w. bush to those concerned about his health this morning. his family is confident he will be out of the icu very soon. he is treated in the intensive care unit for a fever at the
hospital in houston where he's been for a while. the 88-year-old has been in the hospital for more than a month after first coming down with broonchitis. he is the oldest living former president. and one of the nation's top warriors is being remembered for leading troops at war and for his civic contributions after his retirement. retired general norman schwarzkopf died of complication pneumonia. he is best known for leading international forces in iraq in 19991 against sad a.m. hussein's envision of kuwait. another person is pushed in front of a subway, the second time this happened in just a month. police say a man was standing on a platform what woman shoved him into the train's path. witnesses say she was watching the man and was mumbling to herself and currently they are trying to track her down. earlier a man was shoved in front of a train in times square a homeless man has been charged with his murder.
in two days, there's possible strike that could affect the port of baltimore. dock workers could be walking out if a contract with the shipping companies is not settled. linda so is live this morning at federal hill and linda, how could this strike impact us? >> reporter: well the port of baltimore is a main economic generator in maryland. if longshoremen go on strike everything in the cargo from toys to electronics would not make it off containers into the stores. as you can imagine, that economy impact would be huge. 55 billion dollars worth of cargo is handled in an average month by ports on the east and gulf coast. so if a deal can't be reached by saturday, thousands of dock workers will be walking off the job sunday morning. at issue are the large containers and the payments dock workers get for them. shipping companies pay royalties for the containers based on weight but they want to get rid of the royalty
something longshoremen are not willing togib up. the economic impact from a strike would go well beyond the part. -- port. >> your mom and pop retailer to the farmer and trucking company who has to pick up the containers at the ports. this is felt not just at the local economy but nationwide foreverybody else who relies on the ports to move their commerce. >> reporter: and it's not just the port of baltimore affected it would be ports along the gulf coast. more than a dozen. linda so. amount bc2 news. >> now time for a -- abc2 news. >> now time for the forecast. he called for a foot of snow. >> i was waiting for the e- mails e bates me charley bates me into saying these things and i say them. we are starting out chilly into the 30s. 40 in baltimore city annapolis at 37. so a chilly wakeup and
temperatures not going to move further than that. mainly clear skies for most of the afternoon but clouds are increasing during the course of your day after 4, we will deal with mainly cloudy skies. here comes the snow moving in from south to north. a little after 6:00 in the morning, all of the morning hours into the early afternoon hours will be dealing with some snow. so one to two inches the city 2 to 3 and north and west will go about 4 inches. we will talk about the map coming up in just a little bit. guys. >> all right there's a state modo a state flower and a state dessert. so it makes sense that maryland would have a state sandwich. general assembly has filed a bill to make the soft-shell crab the official state sandwich. it would be another culler in ay victory for the eastern shore. 2008 lawmakers made the smith island cake the official maryland dessert. >> not the geno's giant. >> no. not the giant. >> all right. well ice, sleet and snow there's a lot of things that have traveling during the
winter months unpleasant. >> there's an app for that. the tools your phone can have on the ready to make traveling more tolerable. >> the spirit of helping others is warming the souls in the cold city of winnipeg canada. the gift that kept on giving at a drive through. >> reporter: 83 is nice and clear here in hunt valley. i will let you know what traffic looks like object 9 -- on 95 and beltway coming up on good morning maryland.
4:41. we have something important to tell you. parents with babies listen to. this four major retailers are recalling a baby key line -- recliner called the nap nanny. there's been 92 records of babies hanging -- reports of babies hanging or falling out of the recliner. consumer product safety commission says retailers are issuing the recall because the manufacturer is unwilling or unable to participate.
the product was recalled in 2010 after one reported death. traveling during the winter months can be a lot more treacherous than in the summertime. but abc2 news karin caifa is working to show you the apps to make the travel more smooth. >> reporter: frozen runways, mounting snow, winter travel can get messy and all it takes is a snowstorm in one part of the country to trigger a ripple effect of delays and cancellations well across it. a smart phone can't dial up mother nature it can make travel interruptions more tolerable. apps like date grew rue for apple and android and travel nerd help navigate unfamiliar airports for travel essentials. it maps out food and coffee shopping and amenities closest to the gate and tips and reviews from other travelers. travel nerd has similar information about dozens of airports plus an overview of ground transportation options to and from the airport in case weather keeps you grounded.
if a flight delay or cancellation will amount to an overnight stay the hotel tonight app helps those with last-minuteplans with deeply discounted same day or night bookings. and for those on the ground making a airport pickup don't get stuck circling the airport. the just landed app for iphonetracks flights and tales driver when to leave for the airport to ensure an on time spik up-- pickup. that was carei cava reporting. what word yo would you like to get rid of a poll from time magazine with a number of words they think may need to be banned. the most hated words were yolo short for you only live once. you did that to me the other day. >> i never said yolo in my life. you are lying. >> i think charley is picking on you. followed by gangnam style and the third literally people literally can't stop saying the
word literally. literally. we want to know what words you can't stand. go to abc2 facebook fan page and let us know the word you want banned. i am making a push for the word narrative. during the presidential election was every other word. >> narrative? i hate that everything is you know like. >> you know what word i hate, snow. >> come on. we didn't see it last year how could you hate it. >> we got hit on monday and wednesday and going to be hit tomorrow. road>> reporter: we are going to be in tomorrow morning because it's going to be pretty bad. so. >> i got to figure out a way to get out of that one. >> good luck with that. >>i don't know how. >> we are on air okay let's go outside and show you it's-- nothing is going on the next 24 hours. it's a easy commute and it's chilly 35 in town and 69% humidity and dew point around
26. those stats are pretty good. but it's chilly notice temperatures to the north and west. manchester while you are at 33 and we are about 35 in joppa so temperatures uniformally into the 30s. but there's a little wind. and notice the wind chill factors varying between 28 to around 30 in the city. so pretty chilly feel. maryland's most powerful is clear overhead a few clouds pushing off from the main system back down to the south and west. tennessee valley is where we are starting to see the beginning stages of the storm and it's breaking out precip over northern alabama back into mississippi. deal is we will see the clouds on the increase during the afternoon hours. right after 4:00 going into the evening. clouds will be in here and then the snow will start to push in from south to north. you will notice it had start light around 5 or 6 in the morning and then we see a burst of snow during the course of the mid-morning hour and everything is out of here by saturday evening. so it could be up to an inch. 1 to 2 foran arundel county and 2 for 3 for the city back down
towards howard county and up towards the north along 95. neighbor a -- maybe a bull's eye of 4 perhaps closing in on 5 over the northern counties. northern baltimore county along 83 up towards york. this is the preliminary look. the numbers will fare fie. this's not a lot precip associated with the storm. 40 in town today. diminishing winds. 38 through the weekend and back up to 40 by new year's eve. we will talk about the storm coming up in a little bit. let's talk traffic. how we doing. >> reporter: we are dealing with some trouble in anne arundel county ache water main break in -- county. a water main break in tyler avenue. traveling on 97 be nice and clear no problems to route 50 or heading up to 695 and 695 is in great shape. no problems to report on the west side of the beltway. here's what it looks like in toeson -- towson no issues up to 83. the 5 -- 59 downtown traffic moving right along no problems getting through the fort
mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel is nice and clear. five things to know on this friday morning. gentlemen net sift has been asked to analyze the adam lanza's dna. they are not look for anything specific but doctors say it's unlikely they will find a gentlemen knitic clue that might have motivated-- gentleman netic clue that -- gentleman netic clue that moat -- genetic clue that motivated him to commit the crime. 15 hypothermia deaths happen from 2011 to 2012 during the winter season. hillary clinton is expected to return to work next week. she's been out for three weeks after being sidelined by a concussion. the illness led her to cancel her testimony about the attackin benghazi libya. >> a few thousand tickets go on
sale at 10 this morning for the game. kid get to decide the rules of the globetrotters game at first maine earn a-- mariner arena many it's part of the you write the rules world tour. rules can be anything from playing with two balls at once to getting double points for each basket. 4:48. talk about an outpouring of holiday generosity. customers at restaurant chain paid it forward over and over again. it started at a tim horton's drive through in canada. one person paid for the car behind them and the second person paid for the car behind them. that generosity chain kept ongoing. >> my monger todd was creaming random numbers 147 and get people pumped up and it just -- getting people pumped up and it just filled the building with excitement. >> that lasted for three hours and in all 228 cars went
through the drive through each paying for the person behind them. >> great story. >> i love that. i am waiting for that to happen to me. make i will start it out. >> -- maybe i will starling it out. >> you pay -- i will start it out. >> you pay for a 3 dollar coffee and the one behind you is 20 dollars. a day out playing in the yard is disasterous for a boy. >> he fell into a well in tennessee. what rescue crews had to do to get him out of the hole. >> a family out for a picnic has to da with more than -- deal with more than ants. it's a massive python. look at that.
4:51. news around nation a bumpy start for passengers on a southwestflight. a plane was about to take off at long island's airport when it slid off the taxiway and got
stuck in the grass. more than 100 people were on board. they were bused back to the airport while crews worked to get the plane back on the runway. thankfully no one was hurt. a family need more than lassie to get a 2-year-old out the well. he fell down in the well in the backyard. it was filled years ago but the rain had washed the dirt away. carter clung to roots while his family rushed to get the help. rescue crews arrived to get him out, the young man wouldn't budge. >> he kept saying no and we put a later up and he -- ladder up and he was scared e grabbed onto barney and they put a rope around his hand and pulled him out. >> he is doing fine. crews have filled the well with 20 tons of dirt. all right. this story is something. a family got a big shock when an uninvited guest slithered into the picnic area in florida. this 17 foot burmese python was keeled by a park ranger -- was
killed by a park ranger. the state is hosting a python challenge next month. a grand prize of 1500 dollars will go to the person who kills the most snakes. researchers say pythons have devastated rabits, fox rabbits, foxes and possum. you can open your eyes. >> 17 feet. >> we had a neighbor sorry i did cut you off. >> no. i am scared of snakes. >> we had a neighbor with a python as a pet, and got loose and it ended up under our refrigerator.>> florida wildlife. >> good eats. >> florida wildlife says because they have them at pets and they escape or get released in the wild and come back mighty big. >> all righty then. >> nothing to worry about that here. >> no. just cold out there. it's not python weather. temperatures -- we will look. 31 in bel air.
and in town close to the freezing mark. it's a chilly morning. manchester good morning. 32 degrees. all right. the big story what we are talking about is this storm down towards the south. it's going to bring in moisture late tonight going into tomorrow morning. notice it doesn't look like much yet but it is starting to tap in to the moisture lifting it out of the gulf and will become an area of low pressure that moves towards the north going into the -- going into saturday morning. so what you need to know this morning is it's about a brisk breeze and it's chilly and clouds mix in with sunshine during the afternoon. and then the snow begins saturday morning going into saturday afternoon. we do have some totals to share with you. we will share with you those coming up in a little bit. but we are going to 40 lauren cook so it's another chilly day. we will talk weather in a little bit. let's talk traffic and how are the roadways. >> reporter: so far so goodch nice and clear right now -- good. nice and clear right now. no issues on interstate 70 from columbia pike over to 695. and if you are traveling on the beltway, as we check in and
look live at the west side, here at liberty road, no problems to report. normal 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and looking at the other abc2 timesaver traffic the east side of the beltway nice and clear. 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 to 83. northeast corridor of 95 is in great shape. no delays in white marsh. it will take 4 minutes to travel from route 43 to the beltway. megan and charley, over to you. it's estimated mr. are more than 2,000 craft beurre ris operating and -- brewerys and growing. there's a car wash that has its own fill station called gorilla growlers. beer sales nationwide have seen a huge uptick during the past year. the first bump in three years. craft beer played a large role in that boost. everyone wants to brew their own. >> i guess so.
>> speaking of the craft breweries a new one is opening up called the full tilt and will unveil to celebrate the grand opening it will be sold for $2. doors open 569 tomorrow night. a text -- at 6 tomorrow night. a texas man is fed up with the debt. >> he is using recycles can to do his part to fix the fiscal chives. >> promises of a gift for the person who sent the message in the bottle. those stories coming up at 5:00.
fewer americans are getting preventive cancer screenings than they were 10 years ago. they compared screening rates for the most common types of cans wert rates of cancer survivors -- cancer with the rates of cancer survivors.
when it comes to government recommendation screenings are down for all cancers except for colorectal. they attribute that to the ongoing disagreement for screening guidelines and drop in insurance rates. mixing energy drinks with alcohol is a popular thing to do but it can cause unintended effect. dietitians say the caffeine content in the energy drinks may get you to drink more than yourlimit. researchers are looking into whether it offset the sedating effects of alcohol. the drinks are also having a very high calorie count a lot of times so if you do the mixed drinks, dietitians recommend mixing it with diet sewedo arseltzer watter. >> you can make resolution every new year and by the end of the january most have stopped working. >> we have tips on how to stay motivated on good morning maryland at 5 starting right now. >> you are watching the station that works